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Welcome to CanadianCowboy.com, Cowboy Ray's personal website!
Now in Texas!
OK, I live in Texas so why is it called CanadianCowboy.com?  Well, I moved here from Canada in Aug. of 2002 and I'm still Canadian and still a cowboy at heart so why change it now? 
So what is a cowboy?
Is it just a man in a wide brimmed hat
Who rides horses and moves cattle?
Could be, but I think it's more.

It's about the cowboy spirit
more than about the trappings,
It's about honesty, respecting others,
being down to earth and being close to 
nature, friends and family.
It's about hard work, spirituality 
and having fun while y'er at it.

But the cowboy hat and boots don't 
hurt none either!
Ray Ok, so I'm not a real out-on-the-range cowboy but I'm about as close as you get in a city. I ride, rope (or at least used to), do a mean 2 step and plan to get a horse and a few animals down the road...
CanadianCowboy.com is a personal site with western flavor. They're mostly my own pictures and I try to create new content where possible. This site is dedicated to the western lifestyle more than anything else so enjoy!


Spetember 9, 2006. So. I have been absent from the web for well over 2 years now as I've been distracted by things like work, a relationship, a new house, new hobbies and life in general. Oh, and throw in a dose of laziness as well.

Lots has happened, mostly good in the last couple of years. I plan to start updating this site more frequently and am also rethinking it's function. As I've been delving more into my photography hobby, I'm getting more interested. To see some of latest and best pics, click here to visit my Wyoming 2006 page.

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