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Austin, TX "Capital City Rodeo"
November 8-10, 2002

This was the 19th year for the TGRA rodeo, which each year is hosted by one of the 5 
TGRA chapters in my new home state of Texas.  This year it was the
Austin Chapter and it looks like they'll be hosting 2003 as well !

The arena at the Travis County Exp 
Center outisde of Austin.

Inside the arena

One of the few pics I managed to get of the events.  Wild drag which is actually a pretty dangerous event.  More people have been gored and smashed up doing this one than any other event.

Behind the scenes at the horse stalls

Ashley on the right is one of the new judges from my old IGRA association, ARGRA in Calgary

Our new judge in action...

Clay from Calgary / Vancouver Island

Another TX mike and myself

My buddies Tom and Jim from FL

I swear I've seen these gals in a church somewhere

Marc from NJ, South Dakota and Mike from TX

Cowboy Mike

Now I enjoy just documenting rodeos and people there but my real love is artistic portrait, western and landscape/nature photography. Since moving to digital I've been more inspired to take such photos and I look for these types of shots at the rodeo.  

Here's a few that turned out really well from Sunday of the rodeo.  A fog wafted around and into the arena in the early morning and gave the place an ethereal quality which led to some of these shots.....