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Teotihuacan, Mexico. Aug 1999

I had to go to Mexico City for a week some time ago and had the rare opportunity before I left to swing by and see the Aztec temples at Teotihuacan (Tae-Tae-oo-ick-an).  This city was already ancient when the Aztecs were there, having been established some 1000 years before their arrival.   The frenchman, Desire Charnay first found a portion of the "City of the Gods"in 1880.

A panorama showing the Central Dias where the human sacrifices to Quetzalcoatl occured

Here I am sitting on the Moon Pyramid and on the right you see the larger Sun Pyramid.
In front of the Moon Pyramid (Where the wide angle shot was taken)
The Sun Pyramid, the largest of the structures
Parting Shot of Mexico City, this giant urban area stretches as far as the eye can see and farther, it's an unbelievable size.