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Burning Man 1999


OK, so first let me say this is not a cowboy oriented event.  No kidding, you say.   There has to be a little bit of diversity in life so here is one of my attempts at that.  I had a blast at Burning Man '99, to say it was unique is an understatement but describing it is tough.  I went with some friends from California at their invitation and was really glad that I did.  Don't know if I will go back, but it is an event to remember.  For more info on this visit The Official Burning Man Site.  

 Since this is a participatory event, not a spectator event, we named our campsite "Camp Camp" and did the suburban backyard theme with pink flamingos, green grass, white picket fence etc.

On the left you'll see the site of a very late night, bizarre opera. At right is a close-up look at the twin towers of this wildly sculpted stage. 

At the end, around 3 AM the entire structure went up in a giant blaze.  In the night, it seemed about 20 stories high.

The "Man" before the burn
Not factory installed options...
One of many desert art installations

On the left, in case you can't read it, it says, "Hillary's House of Pain"

To the right, yes, that is a lighthouse (fully functioning at night) on top of a car.

On the far right...no...you really don't want to know....poor Barney....

Like I said, an interesting place...LOL

Here are just some parting shots and the big burn itself.  The event has been getting larger yearly and is attracting almost too many people now.  As a result the cost is jumping significantly.  It is not an alternative Disneyland but it is an experiment in alternative community.  I felt safer there, than just about anywhere I have ever been.

To the left, an outside shower, nothing more refreshing when you're in a searingly hot desert...

A Teepee Campsite to the right.

This is Joe and he has an interesting story, he creates "peace" chains, LOTS of them, check out his Website.

The Name of this camp, which, incidentally, was Joe's, was "Y2Clay".  Anyone could come along and just build stuff and so they did.  Remember, Burning Man is a participatory event.

The beginning of the burn on Saturday night
As the burn continues into the night, fireworks start to come off the burning man. It is a carefully orchestrated pyrotechnic feat with plenty of fire professionals on hand just in case something goes wrong...

The day after the Burn and our group with the remnants of a desert sculpture

A parting shot from the playa, the desert floor...