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Canadian Rockies
International Rodeo 2000

June 30-July 2, 2000 Calgary, Alberta

What a Year for the Calgary Rodeo, it was sunny and mild this time!  Wahoo!  The weather was near perfect and not too muddy.  One thing I love about this rodeo, regardless of weather is that the venue is outdoors, somehow it seems more real when the elements are involved.

We went for a ride at a ranch before the rodeo on Friday, got to take in some Foothills nature about an hour outside of Calgary

The venue at Simons Valley BBQ Ranch

This was both My first and Tom's (the left picture) time competing at a rodeo and what a blast we had.  Even better, Tom won the Saturday event in Roping! 

We won't talk about how I did....

Tom's winning catch, 1st place for the Saturday on-foot calf roping.  I still can't believe I caught the exact moment on film

Tom with the 1st place ribbon and Martin with his first ribbon in goat dressing!


Now this was good.  Goat dressing, for those who are not in the know, is a fun amateur event where a team of two run across a line to a goat tied to a post.  One person, the dresser has a pair of briefs around his hands, the lifter grabs the goat's legs, the dresser puts the underwear on and the lifter finishes off by pulling the underwear up over the goat's rear.  Then you run like hell to get back over the finish line.  

Well.  We entered this on Saturday and did moderately well.  We decided the next day to change places, I would be the lifter because I run faster and would get there first.  Well, when we did, we got confused and changed places, resulting in the longest time of the weekend.  Scroll through the pictures to see the attempt....


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