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Canadian Rockies
International Rodeo 2001

June 30-July 1, 2001 Calgary, Alberta

Well, another rodeo has come and gone, what a blast this one was but then again, Calgary has always proven to be my personal favourite.  I met new friends and old andwon my first event (3rd place on-foot calf roping on Sunday!)  

The weather was excellent although there was everything from hail, a massive thunder and lightening storm, rain enough to drown a hippo and sun enough to split the rocks you were standing on.  Sunday was amazing and for the second year in a row, the curse of a rainy rodeo was dispelled.

The Rodeo Grounds on Saturday morning just after my first roping go round.


This wasn't my idea, I wanted a picture with Ashley in the middle, PR person for ARGRA and next thing I knew, I was in the air...


Cowboy in the stands

Ashley from Calgary

Kelly from California

My buddy Andrew from Calgary

Terry, one of the dedicated judges that travel to so many rodeos during the year

California folks

Don and his dog Lucy

Don and Lucy again

Grand entry

Watching the rodeo from the sidelines

Terry judging team roping

Team ropers

Sunny day spectators

MoneyPennies is one of the many big supporters of the rodeo, this was the campsite they sponsored.

Tom and I before roping...

Rodeo Secretary and Asst. Secretary

Me and my 3rd place winning...

Luke and Patrick from Calgary

Jeff getting a boot polish. Damn that shirt was bright, my retinas are still recovering! It did get him a lot of attention though...LOL

Tom, Bill and myself

Getting up way too early

Steer riding from start....



...to finish

This I couldn't resist. Sorry Tom. The first photo is "before" and the second one is the morning "After". We had neighbours generous with their mixed drinks the previous evening....need I say more?