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Dallas, TX "The Big D Rodeo"
November 9-11, 2001

This was the 18th year for the TGRA rodeo, which each year is hosted by one of the 5 TGRA chapters in that state.

This year it was Dallas' turn. Because the rodeo is in an arena (good thing, the weather was cool and wet mostly), indoor shots were very difficult to take.

The host hotel in Dallas was the Radisson, we weren't too impressed with our accomodations - a comedy of errors...

Some of my rodeo buddies...
Tom, myself (Ray), Kelly and Warren

Martin and Dallas

Watching the rodeo

Cowboy nap

Now this fella was just getting all the attention as you can see.  Pretty appropriate, the "bull" dog was wearing a cowboy hat (right).

Making friends with John's shoulder riding Jack Russell.

From behind the gates

Warming the horses up
before break-away roping


Les, a trustee from ASGRA and a real nice fella.

Oscar after a good steer ride, but a bad landing.

Cowboy Dan and his second go round Chute dogging attempt (For non-rodeoers, that means the second round of chute dogging - steer wrestling - that is held on Sunday, first go round is Saturday.)  Dan won the buckle for Chute Dogging this time round, his first buckle, congratulations Dan!!
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Paul is an Arizona artist who does some great work, the latest of which is behind him in this photo.
Based out of Arizona, he's in the vendor areas of a few of the rodeos so keep your eyes open.
His website is www.verburgstudio.com

My buddies Luke and Dan...don't ask about the middle picture...LOL