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The Flying U Ranch, Oct 1999

My friend Tom and I decided to have a good getaway from daily responsibilities by heading out to the BC interior, to the Flying U ranch, established in 1859.

The Flying U is located in the heart of the Cariboo-Chilcotin region of central British Columbia, here's a shot of the area as we were driving through the countryside.  Stunningly beautiful.  Many Vancouverites would never even guess they were still in BC since the terrain looks so vastly different from what they are used to.
The first day we were there, it was cold but dry but by day  we actually saw snow.  Here's the cabin we were in, very rustic with just a basic wood stove, 2 beds and rudimentary furniture.  It was a nice change from the usual.

The first night however, we made the tragic mistake of putting too much wood on the stove as we went to sleep.  Woke up barely able to breathe from the heat.  Now I know what a loaf of bread in an oven feels like...

On the left is Kiawa, one of the best beasts I've ridden.  He's a cow horse so he's really responsive and lively without being obnoxious.  If I ever go back, this is the one I'm asking for!

On the right, Kiawa is helping Tom interpret a map so that we can find our way back home.  The maps they did provide were a shade confusing, even to the horses...

On the edge of Green Lake, and the lake is actually  aqua green, I think due to the sediments.

The flying U is one of the only ranches in North America that will let you ride unguided right off the bat. A lot of people come here from all over specifically for that reason


Tom and Lucy

I renamed this dog Kokanee (The brand of beer can that the dog had in it's mouth).  These dogs typically would chew on beer cans or rocks.  Sticks are apparently only for delicate city dogs!  We actually thought the can was stuck in the dogs mouth for a while but it wasn't, he just had a really good grip on it.
Early on the snowy morning, the little dog was 
sandwiched between the two to keep warm.

I'm tuckered out at the end of the Last Day, whew!