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Ft. Worth Rodeo 2000
November 11-12, 2000 Ft. Worth, TX

I made it down to the state of Texas for the TGRA rodeo during the interesting time of the US election confusion.  Needless to say, there were just a FEW jokes about recounting the results of the rodeo etc.

Warren from CA.  We met back at the Phoenix rodeo this year and kept in touch, a heart of gold.

Buckin' bronc action



Luke and Bessie the Quality Assurance Cow of LakeDouglasRanch.com

 The Story of Dolores.

Well, Dolores was a hoot.  She was the waitress that had the fortune / misfortune of serving this table of 10 cowboys.  It's good to find someone who can hold her own with a bunch like us.

We were not gentlemen however.  She didn't forgive the fact that we didn't remove our hats at dinner

And this picture, well.  It looked great in the viewfinder and then, all of sudden she stuck her tongue out in the middle of the shot.  I didn't even realize it until I had the pictures developed (yes, I still use an archaic film camera, I know, I'm going digital soon....)

Well, she did say that we made her night at least!  She has been named an honourary member of the LakeDouglas Ranch Team by Dan and Luke and will be getting her T-shirt soon!

Our gang at dinner, quite a crew

Before dinner

The gang from Florida


Larry and Clay

Luke and Bessie at the end of a hard day...