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Great Plains Rodeo 2000
May 27-28, 2000 Oklahoma, OK

This was my first time in OKC (Oklahoma City) and as usual with such rodeos, I had a blast.  I met a great group of guys from Florida, Louisiana and California and we had a few great days.

The Host hotel

more host hotel

Cowboy Dan, Me, Jon, Rick, Cowboy Luke and Sebastian


Dan and Martin after we returned from browsing all the Western Stores in Central Oklahoma

This Louisiana boy is all tuckered out from volunteering all day....

This was an indoor arena which I didn't expect.  As a result I have very few shots from indoors, most came out poorly....

A rodeo clown toying with the audience.  Funny guy but very important for the safety of all involved.



Jon and Luke


We went to visit the OKC bombing memorial on Sunday night, quite a monument.  There is a long reflecting pool with a wall on one side that says 9:01 and the wall on the other side says 9:03.  The bombing occured at 9:02 so you get the symbolism...


Martin and Dan

Rick, Jim and Tom

Ray, again

Final parting shot mon morning