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Road Runner
Regional Rodeo 2000

January 14-16, 2000 Phoenix, AZ

The pacific northwest / southwest BC is wet in winter, really wet, so it was great
 to get away somewhere with dry, warm, sunny weather ... and of course, cowboys ...

This was my first rodeo in AZ and it was a blast.  The Corona ranch was an almost ideal setting for this sort of event.   Not to far from the city, very nice layout.   The only thing better would have been a larger ring or to have at least a second one. There were so many contestants this year that the competitions went until after midnight on Saturday! Ouch.

This is something that every rodeo in the IGRA circuit has adopted, the walk around the ring of the riderless horse.  This solemn ceremony is perfomed at the Grand Entry and is
 in memory of cowboys who have passed away.



My asssociation had a presence here, ARGRA out of Alberta.  Most of these folks are pictured somewhere in these pages.

Bucking bronc action

A steer



US flag during grand entry

Steer deco, a fun event. The team has to tie a ribbon on the steer's tail...not as easy as you think...

A headless horse?

Steer riding, smaller than bulls but still dangerous

Team Roping

The great thing about the weekend was the warmth.   You couldn't do this in Vancouver this time of year....


This was the courtyard area outside the arena where people  chatted, smoked, ate, met etc....

Guys from Phoenix

This was a "small world" story.  I met Chris, in the middle through his friend Bobby on the right.  Turns out Chris lives in Pennsylvania not to far from where I used to be.  Then,  I discovered that he's a friend and co-worker of my friends Bob and Dan out in that neck of the woods. 

If  you'll notice, many pictures have vague references to the people in them.  That's because I can't remember names if I had to save my, your and my mothers life..... In this case I can only say  I remember Lou's, who is sitting behind me ... and my own name...


Robb, Darren and Warren

From Calgary

Kevin and Stuart from Vancouver