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Road Runner
Regional Rodeo 2002

January 18-20, 2002 Phoenix, AZ

I hadn't been to Phoenix for a couple of years so I decided it was time to go again.  In 2000 the rodeo had been memorable as being a very, very long one and they addressed some of those concerns in the following year from what I understand.  This year the rodeo ended at comparatively reasonable hours.

It was held this time at the Rawhide Western Town, kind of a western theme park and I certainly thought it was interesting and appropriate for the event.


Early Saturday morning the on-foot calf ropers are there with the rising sun, myself sleepily included.

Doug, a Chicago cowboy, getting ready for some ropin' !

Most of the horse events were held in a second arena, close to the main one.  This is bunch of the horse folks watching barrel racing.

A bunch of my SEGRA buddies during Grand Entry..

Luke, Les and Dan warming up on a cold, cold, Saturday morning.  Blech that was nasty coffee....

One of the bulls waiting to do in some unsuspecting cowboy...

Randy, Luke and Dan.

Bareback Bronc riding.  Here's a couple of falls, I kept trying to catch 
them on the bronc but they were too fast.

Cowboy Kevin

Cowboy Luke with his Burka ;-)  

Cowboy Dan

Horse and Trailer

Here's a wide panoramic shot of the rodeo stands on Saturday afternoon

One of our fine cowboy artists, his work was in the vendors area


Rodeo clown entertaining the crowd

Me and my beloved Krispy Kreme doughnut...mmm...doughnuts....
"What exactly, IS in this hot-dog?"

One very tired rodeo fan

Rawhide Wild West Town - Here's an almost 360 degree shot of what this area looked like.  They would occasionally have actors performing little scenes in the street

Some sights wandering through the Rawhide, here was a carriage ride you could go on.

We had such a hoot with this picture.  A couple of us (Kevin and I) had always wanted to do a shot like this so we gathered our "gang" and did it.  I'm the outlaw in the middle...

Big Sky picture of Tom 
Jim and Tom, a great picture 
of these nice guys.

Big Sky picture of Jim

While Wild Drag is a "camp" event, it is particularly dangerous..

One of the great, fun costumes people put together for the wild drag event.

Another Wild Drag shot

I also took a side trip to Tucson & Tombstone after the rodeo. Click here to take a look....