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I used to enjoy photography when I was a teenager. I got my first camera, a Ricoh XR-S SLR and the assorted accessories from my folks for Christmas. Once in university, I drifted on to other interests and priorities. Recently however, digital cameras have revived my interest in this area. Now with the ability to take an almost unlimited number of photos with no extra cost, the ability to tweak photos without being exposed to darkroom chemicals and the ever increasing quality of the cameras, I have become fascinated all over again.

Initially, I got back into digital uing a Canon G1 in 2000. It was a decent 3.3 Megapixel (MP) camera with a 3x optical zoom that I still use on occasion. For true portability I bought a Pentax Optio S4 which is a 4 MP camera also with 3x optical zoom. When I dropped that one and ended it's life, I got a Canon SD300 digital elph, a camera very similar in specs to the aforementioned Optio S4.

These small digicams were ok to get started again but I was getting frustrated with the lack of control and so in the fall of 2004 I made the plunge and got a DSLR, the Canon 20D. With 8MP and all the bells and whistles I could use for getting creative. To get my creativity going and to refine my techniques, I'll be doing a number of online courses and field workshops in the next couple of years.

A small sampling of some of my better shots, both digital and film based. I'm not putting too many here since they are all over the website...




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