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Sedona - Red Rock Country Jan, 2000
Post Phoenix Rodeo 2000 Road Trip

Sedona is about 2 hours north of Phoenix and is called redrock country for a good reason.  The background on this page is a close up of the rock but of course, I faded it a bit so you could read this text.  The iron oxide content is very high in these areas thus giving the colors you see.

I managed to take a quick day trip up that way on Monday after the rodeo but it really wasn't enough time.

In Keeping with the rodeo theme, I had to take this picture.  I guess this is a real " Iron Horse".  Sedona is a huge arts center and you could easily trip over all the art galleries.  Even I was tempted to buy some art when I was there but I managed to fight off most of my impulse buying urges.

Sedona is called Red Rock country for good reason as you can see in the pics below. I took an off-road tour with a company famous in the area, "Pink-Jeep Tours" named that because, logically, they have pink jeeps....

This was our tour group, an Australian, a British woman living in Phoenix and two young ladies who just recently moved to Phoenix from out east.  We commandeered the dog from some hikers who were resting just below where we were standing.  We all seemed to be more interested in the dog than our surroundings! And we really did off-road it which is half the fun.   We're looking here at a very steep drop down to  the road below.  Bumpy was an understatement....
Now one interesting claim about Sedona is that it is a major energy intersection for the world, and Bell Rock is the center of one of these energy vortexes.  I think there are supposed to be 11 or so of these in Sedona.  As a result the area has many residents that are new agers and it also attracts many spiritual seekers annually.  Unfortunately I didn't have time to check out any of these areas, hopefully another time....

This was a final parting shot.  I saw this cactus from a distance on the highway so I took an exit and made a point of getting at least one picture of these amazing native plants.